ITW Dynatec Dynamelt "S" Series Hot Melt Adhesive Supply UnitsThe Dynamelt S Series hot melt adhesive supply unit (ASU) is a computer-controlled hot-melt supply unit designed on metric standards. Its "all-icon" control panel, with choice of display languages, is internationally operator friendly. It is available for 120v, 240,v or 380v service.

The Dynamelt S is available in four hopper sizes and with a choice of piston or gear pump, the Dynamelt S Adhesive supply unit uses a microprocessor temperature control to closely control the temperature of hot-melt adhesive for up to six hoses and six heads. Temperature setpoint are operator-selected for up to 14 zones and the system automatically provides warnings and alarms for operator errors and system malfunctions.

Dynamelt S Product Literature Downloads:

Dynamini Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit Brochure

Fast Brochure Download (PDF)

High Res Brochure Download (PDF)

Service and Operation Manual

Service and Operation Manual Spanish

Hot-Melt Adhesive Melting System

  • MELT-ON-DEMAND Hopper Grid extends adhesive life and performance
  • Self-diagnostic DYNACONTROL™ P.I.D. Digital Temperature Controller with platinum sensor accuracy
  • Seven combinations of hopper sizes and melt rate selections fitted with either piston or gear pump
  • Easily removable access covers completely expose all components for easy maintenance


Optional Accessories

  • Memory card
  • Adhesive level sensor
  • Pendant control panel
  • Seven day scheduler
  • Analog or digital adhesive pressure indicator
  • RS232, 485 computer serial interface

MELT-ON-DEMAND Adhesive Hopper

  • Patented hopper grid
  • Hopper grid melts only the adhesive that is demanded by the application
  • Adhesive charring is virtually eliminated
  • Energy saving reduced heater duty cycle time
  • Faster up-to system ready temperature
  • 7 year melt-on-demand hopper warranty
  • Pump shut-off valve

DYNACONTROL™ Control Panel

Memory card retains important application data

Easy to use push button controls with multi-lingual digital display

Accurate nozzle temperature maintained

Pendant control panel option can be placed up to 30m/100ft from the DYNAMELT ® Adhesive

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