With increasing hot melt adhesive costs Stitch offers Melt Adhesive Savings-Switch to Stitch with ITW Dynatec and a 50% savings on adhesive is just the beginning.

Our advanced MODPLUS TM Marathon Head also significantly reduces equipment maintenance costs, and virtually redefines the way case and carton sealing should be evaluated.

The Dynatec Advantage

  • SUPERIOR BOND STRENGTH/INTEGRITY - Designed and Engineered for exceptionally clean cut-off, precise deposition and symmetry, the MOD-PLUSTM Marathon Head assures hot melt bonds of outstanding strength and reliability.
  • ENHANCED CYCLE TIME - Operating effortlessly at 3,000 cycles per minute, the MOD-PLUSTM Marathon Head is capable of up to 5000 cycles per minute with packaging grade adhesives.
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE COST PER CYCLE - Consistently outlasting competitive equipment over 2 to 1, the MOD-PLUSTM is designed with fewer parts for fast, easy, less costly repair.
  • “CASE STUDY” SHOWS 50% SAVINGS - Replace a 6” continuous adhesive bead with 3” of adhesive in a skip pattern, and you cut adhesive consumption by 50%. It’s that simple, and that certain.

Download a printable case study on hot to cut increasing hot melt adhesive costs:

Dynamelt Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit Brochure

Fast Brochure Download (PDF)

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Stitch Hot Melt Adhesive Savings - "Case Study"

Basis For Comparison

1/8 inch beads
16 beads / case
20 cases / minute
$1.05/lb hot melt adhesive cost

Stitch with ITW Dynatec and HAVE IT ALL . . .

  • 50% savings on adhesive
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Documented cycle life more than double that of competitive heads

cut the increasing cost of hot melt adhesive by 50%

As you can see from the case study above switching to Stitch with ITW Dynatec is a great way to cut the increasing cost of hot melt adhesive. And with Mod Plus hot melt adhesive savings are just the begining:

  • Internal filter virtually eliminates plugged nozzles
  • Superior bead consistency for optimum bond integrity
  • Competitive upgrades for existing installations
  • Sharper adhesive cut-off increases operating efficiency
MOD-PLUST Marathon BF Hot Melt Adhesive Valve
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