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Currently when coating products, also called substrates in the industry, there are several conventional methods to acheive many types of bonds.  Many of these methods, however, are not efficient and can cost your business time and money, and some even require extreme preventative measures so as to prevent damage to the environment.  Some of these conventional methodologies are:

  • Gravure Roll
  • Knife over Roll
  • Knife over Table
  • Spray
  • Foam

At ITW Dynatec, we push the boundaries of technology forward in an effort to bring solutions to our customers that not only meet and exceed their needs, but are also more efficient and eco-friendly which saves time and money.  For coating substrates, Dynatec offers two technologies, Slot Die Technology and UFD (Unified Fiber Deposition) Technology, that can make lines more productive, efficient, and profitable.

Hot Melt Polymer Advantages
  •  Ability to make your product more green
      - Most hot melts are totally biodegradable
      - No VOC's (No solvent emissions)
      - No waste water issues
      - No airborne contaminants
      - Products totally recyclable
  • Lighter coat weights
  • Faster production speeds
  • Immediate post processing
  • Energy savings
  • Alleviate EPA issues
  • Carry the Green Label
  • Ability to provide various addititves such as:
      - Anti-Microbial
      - Flame Retardants
      - Anti-Oxidants
      - UV Inhibitors
      - Water Repellant

Mechanical Advantages
  • Variable coat weights on the fly
  • Faster production speeds
  • Intermittent patterning
  • Vary web widths on the fly
  • Less overall cost


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