BF MicroBead™ - Auto Adhesive Applicator

The BF MICROBEAD™ adhesive applicator is designed to give the performance of the larger Mod-Plus™ applicators but in a smaller, more compact design that simplifies installation and maintenance. Its air open/air close design provides accurate and uniform adhesive patterns and bead placement while the built-in filter helps maintain a clean nozzle orifice.


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Each applicator features a Micro module with a replacable nozzle mounted to a single service block. The module also has an adjustable needle stroke to set adhesive flow for extreme accuracy. The Micro module is designed for high speed/high pressure (above 400 psi) applications where a sharp cutoff is necessary.

Each module operates with air pressure opening and closing the orifice. Standard air open/air close functionality reduces stringing and gives a clean, sharp cutoff every time throughout the life of the head, unlike spring-operated applicators which cause more stringing as the spring wears and loses tension.

High performance seals (which are also standard) improve applicator life, while the platinum sensor allows for better temperature control over conventional temperature control sensors.


• Integrated needle and self-cleaning nozzle virtually eliminate adhesive stringing and downtime. (Optima module)
• Adjustable needle stroke sets adhesive flow for extreme accuracy. (Micro module)
• Standard air open/air close module for accurate bead placement.
• Platinum sensor provides optimum temperature control.
• Water resistant standard.

 The Dynatec Difference

Over time, adhesive applicator modules that use an air open/spring close system can lose spring tension, resulting in stringing and poor cutoffs. The BF Micro™ applicator module is designed to operate as an air open/air close system that does not rely on a spring to close the orifice during operation. The result is both cleaner cutoffs and better general operation over a longer operating lifespan. While this feature may be optional on competitive modules, only ITW Dynatec offers this feature standard on the BF Micro™ adhesive applicator.

  Video: Benefits of BF MicroBead Applicator


Especificaciones Técnicas

System BF Micro
Construction Material Anodized Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature Range 38° C - 218° C (100° F - 425° F)
Max On/Off Cycle Speed 8,000 cycles per/min*
Pump Rate (per hour)* 35 to 68 bar (500 to 1000 psi)
Piston Pump Compression Ratios  5 - 6 bar (74-90 psi)
Gear Pump  100 - 5000 cps

Dimensions BF Micro
Height (H) 73.5 mm (2.89 in)
Depth (D) 106.3 mm (4.16 in)
Width (W) 22 mm (0.87 in)

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